Website Redesign

  • Do you need someone to add information to your existing web pages?
  • Do you need someone to add more functionality to your existing website?
  • Do you need a Website tune up, make over or face lift?
Web sites are not about placing them up once and put out of your mind for lifetime. They have to be updated and monitored with business expansion and focus transforming. Our team at Indicsoftware.comĀ  not only works in developing the website but also managing existing web sites and maintaining them as well as per your choice.
Importance of Website Maintenance
Another huge advantage of maintaining your website on a regular basis is that search engines will rank your website higher because it has fresh up-to-date content .
Website Maintenance Services:
  • Content modification
  • New pages addition
  • Change the look & feel of website
  • Updating keywords and other information on sites as per search engine requirements
  • Modify existing functionality
  • Add new functionality
Our highly trained and experienced team of designers, programmers, search engineers and marketing specialists, all of whom have access to the latest specialist tools, will ensure your website becomes or remains a valuable promotional tool for your business.
Contact Us for the Consultation and estimate on your next project or existing one. You have nothing to lose.