Search Engine Reputation Management

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM), combines the science of Search Engine Optimization, with technical and marketing expertise, for the sole purpose of protecting your name and reputation from undesired public information accessible via internet search results.

The cost of managing the reputation of an organization will adequately reduce if your preparatory reputation level is very high, reputation management could therefore take place at any of the stages of the development of an organization, the stages and the type of management required are listed below:

  • Preparatory Reputation Management for the pre-establishment of the organization
  • Introductory Reputation Management for the introductory level of the organization
  • Incremental Reputation Management for the growth era in the organization
  • Experiential Reputation Management for the mature era of the organization
  • Perspective Reputation Management for the decline stage of the organization

Managing these different levels require different approaches which will be too exhaustive to discuss here but a skeletal description will be given below:

  • The organization must identify all the issue that affects its reputation (reputation audit)
  • It must analyses each one of the issues properly to ascertain the past, the present and the future state of that issue e.g. is your market share increasing? And why is your market share at the level?
  • There is need to put forward change strategy options and pick one that could be of high efficiency and effective to the issue
  • Use the strategy to put an action plan into effect, the SMART principles must be adhere to
  • The result must be properly evaluated