Corporate Identity (Business Image Creation)

“Corporate Identity is the physical manifestation of a brand.”

A brand is not simply a logo on a letter head, a slogan that comes along with your logo, and colors that resemble neither your corporate colors nor even just how your printed collaterals or digital media looks.

Brand means building a perception, a value of your business. It builds the way people think of you, sees you and remember you.

Your brand signifies your relationship with your clients, your business associates, your vendors, your people and your company. It is the very core essence of your company to the basics of your company.

Do you need to extend your identity to offline or other online promotional materials?

Either in the conventional or traditional marketing business, it should be clear to your targeted customers about you or your services, products, company marketing strategies, etc. It means that your corporate identity to offline or other online marketing field must be clear to the customer to whom you want to be.

We have the capabilities to produce a full range of print materials, including Logo Design, corporate Identity, Posters, Advertising, exhibition displays, packaging, sell sheets etc.

The corporate identity design includes the design of letterheads, business cards, and envelopes. Logo Design also falls into this category. We can provide you with a professional corporate identity design and supply all the files needed for printing.

Check out some here in our Portfolio . We will revise your company logo design until you are certain the logo reflects your corporate image.

We can help you create a dynamic brochure/catalogue, sell sheets, envelopes, packaging, leaflets, and other materials that would make your wider and large identity need.

If we do your corporate identity design, you will receive the following service:

  • Custom, professional corporate identity design (letterhead. business cards, envelopes). Logo is optional.
  • All graphics will be developed in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and/or Adobe Photoshop, the international standards for professional graphic design.
  • You get unlimited revisions (within reasonable limits) to all our work.
  • Additional names for business cards (up to 10) are FREE of charge.
  • All graphics will be developed in CMYK color and will be prepared for easy printing.

Upon completion of the project, all Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator files will be delivered to the client ready for printing.