Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click campaign (PPC) is the most recent and upcoming technique in the online marketing segment today. Pay Per Click is basically an advertising model in which the advertiser pays for every click-through that takes visitor to its website. In return, the advertiser gets relevant traffic on its website which it can use to promote its business online.

Today almost all popular search engines like Google (Adwords), Yahoo (Overture) and MSN (adCentre) are offering Pay per Click (PPC) services to their customers. Besides, several online companies like, Miva, SearchFeed, Enhance, GoClick etc have also come up with their own PPC business models to promote customers’ businesses online and earn some extra revenues for themselves.

Pay per Click is a great advertising tool, generate highly targeted website traffic. It can be used to get good results for more impact.Search Marketing providing cheap, targeted website traffic has encouraged the arrival of dozens of other pay for placement, pay for ranking or pay per click search engines. Often you can buy this search engine traffic for as little as 1 cent or 2 cents per click. Very popular search terms can cost much more on popular pay per click search engines.

Pay per click advertising on search engines allows you select keywords you would like your site to appear for when a search is performed. You have to decide how much you are willing to pay each time when a person clicks on the search results. The more you are willing to pay per click, the higher your site will appear in the results for the keywords you choose.More people will click on your link if you use your key phrase in the title and in the description. The main advantage of Pay per Click is that you have to pay only when someone actually visits your site.

Pay Per Click campaigns hold several advantages over conventional optimization techniques like Link Building, Directory Submission, Forums Submission, creating blogs etc.



Do you want instant Internet traffic from the foremost worldwide search engines? Then you need to add Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising to your online website marketing strategies. To market your website design you can purchase keywords, which will almost immediately add your website to many search engines.

For indic, managing your campaign is about more than just maintaining your keywords. Our goal is to generate more leads and sales, at the most efficient price possible. We put a variety of disciplines together to make that happen, including linguistic analysis, usability best practices, and statistical analysis – just to name a few!

We can help you:

  • Start a paid search advertising campaign
  • Lower the cost of your campaign
  • Get more clicks on your ads

This is a form of pay per performance web traffic: you only pay a fee if visitors actually click on your ad:

Advantages of pay-per-click marketing:

  • Fast, immediate visibility;
  • You determine what your search engine listings look like;
  • Allowing you to attract traffic while you are optimizing your website for better search engine placement;
  • Bid on keyword phrases that you can’t get high free search engine rankings for;
  • To build a better brand: pay per performance ads are being perceived as highly credible by people who don’t mind sponsored listings;
  • Turn campaign on and off when you want it: great tool for seasonal online promotion.

Pay-Per-Click promotion services we offer:

  • Select cost-effective PPC engines, keywords and keyword phrases;
  • Writing effective Pay Per Click marketing ads;
  • Purchase keywords with PPC engines;
  • Monitoring and optimizing Pay-Per-Click online marketing campaign.

Start marketing your website designs today!

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