Testing and Maintenance

We believe that Quality is not intangible. But it does not happen by accident; it has to be planned. The purpose of testing is to make quality visible.

Software quality is essential to business success. However, software quality means different things to different people, making it difficult to deliver on quality. For end users, it means IT systems that deliver “what we need, when we need it.” For development teams, it means performance, scalability, reliability, functionality, accuracy and usability all must be addressed.

We develop a complete testing plan based on the requirements. The test plan includes all the test cases that typically cover functionality, error handling, performance, scalability, and fail over, among other required tests. The test plan and test cases are validated with the client during the early stages of a project, and are refined and enhanced during the downstream activities

We are not easily fooled by an application that seems to be working correctly. Our software tester takes care of all those key questions such as:

  • Are critical requirements completely covered by suitable tests?
  • How do I effectively run tests in different software configurations on multiple platforms?
  • Can I Power virtualization to better manage complex, multi-configuration test environments?
  • How should I prioritize tests, and how do I know when to update them?
  • What are the test results for a specific build?
  • Where the defects and what are the necessary steps to resolve them?
  • What is the status of each defect? Is an open issue holding up the release?
  • What advancement is being made against our testing strategy?
  • What are the quality trends for an application?
  • Is the application really ready for deployment?

QA team can work in coordination with your software development team.

  • QA planning
  • Test design
  • Testing tool development
  • Customization and testing services