Website Maintenance

  • Do you need someone to add information to your existing web pages?
  • Do you need someone to add more functionality to your existing website?
  • Do you need a Website tune up, make over or face lift?

You need NOT search further. indic Can Help You:

The Internet changes daily, and that alone requires a regular maintenance program. You will also want to maintain your site to reflect the changing dynamics of your business.

Web sites are not about placing them up once and put out of your mind for lifetime. They have to be updated and monitored with business expansion and focus transformings. Our team at indic not only works in developing the website but also managing existing web sites and maintaining them as well.

Website updates usually include things like adding content, adding site functionality, changing navigation or a layout or a color scheme, completely re-designing a site, etc.

An evolving website can sustain its audience’s interest, and repeat visitors drive up your business’s sales. Creating a website is a challenging task, and maintaining its quality is even more challenging. performs website maintenance services with ease and expertise. We are website maintenance experts operating in India, and offering services all over the globe. As time elapses, it is always advisable to update your website, add or edit relevant content, and make other enhancements. We offer website maintenance contracts for fixed time periods. At this period, we oversee all aspects of your website maintenance.

Website maintenance services accomplish various functions such as:

  • Management of web content by adding, editing or deleting the existing content, such as updating product information or company news
  • Manipulation of navigation elements, images on the website, inclusion of new products in the shopping cart
  • Addition of new features to the website
  • Maintenance of newsletter and email lists

Our highly trained and experienced team of designers, programmers, search engineers and marketing specialists, all of whom have access to the latest specialist tools, will ensure your web site becomes or remains a valuable promotional tool for your business.

Website Maintenance Services:

  • Content modification
  • New pages addition
  • Change look & feel of website
  • Updating keywords and other information on sites as per search engine requirements
  • Modify existing functionality
  • Add new functionality

Importance of Website Maintenance
Once you have got your website up and running the next step is to make sure that the information is kept up to date. A well maintained website will keep your clients coming back.
An out of date website is instantly overlooked in a world where we all have limited time. A person visiting your neglected website will quickly find an easy exit.

A high degree of importance is often placed on professional website design and creation. An equal amount of importance should be placed on professional website maintenance. We offer the best website maintenance services and the most affordable rates. Our company hires experts in website maintenance that have the skills to renew your existing website without changing the core idea of the content. We can keep your website ranking high in search engine results through the search optimization performed at regular intervals.

Another huge advantage of maintaining your website on a regular basis is that search engines will rank your website higher because it has fresh up-to-date content .

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