Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


Search Engine Optimization is an Internet marketing strategy that cannot be avoided by any kind of online business. Without proper search engine optimization, your website will eventually get lost in the vast Internet Ocean. You won’t be able to get success in any other Internet marketing campaign (no matter how hard you try) if SEO is not done properly to your website. Search engine Optimization too has different sub-strategies. It can be further classified as on-page SEO and Off-page SEO. It has to be noted that improper SEO is a complete waste of time and revenue.

A high search engine ranking drives customers to your site. Our Search Engine Optimization Program will optimize your site for the top search engines’ ranking algorithms and position you ahead of your competition.

In a nutshell, SEO is collection of best practices that change your site in subtle ways that improves the likelihood of your web site to appear in the top 10 results returned by a search engine. Through the effective use of SEO, I’ve been able to consistently increase the traffic to my site from month to month.

Factors to analyze a website for search engine optimization :

  • Age of website
  • Total pages count within the website.
  • Template layout.
  • Navigation structure.
  • HTML format (XHTML, CSS, etc.)
  • On-page content.
  • On-page scripting.
  • META-data.
  • Analyzing keyword density.
  • Link Popularity.
  • Quality of other websites linking to the website.

What can we do for you?

  • Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript.
  • Content development.
  • Management of online business development campaigns.
  • Keyword research.
  • Expertise in specific markets and geographies.

Why you should hire us?

  • We are dedicated to helping our clients to run their business more efficiently, supporting them to gain greater insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes.
  • We stand for straightforward, candid dialogue and for delivering more than we promise.
  • We offer outstanding customer service and our customer-centric approach is designed to create customer loyalty, at the same time setting us apart from our competition.
  • Our decentralized organization strategy is based on promoting the entrepreneurship, innovation and team spirit of our people. These strategies have been proven to deliver consistent growth in our established markets over the past years.

Our goal is provide you with search engine optimization services that allow you to concentrate on running your business. We don’t require or expect you to be tied down with creating your meta tags or even knowing what meta tags are! We’ll handle it all for you while keeping you in the loop. As part of this service, We’ll produce search engine submission and ranking reports for you. These reports will allow you to see the effectiveness of our efforts as well as help fine-tune future optimizations.

Our Approach:

  • In-depth Website Analysis and Competitors Analysis
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Review of the Web site Content and recommendations for changes in the content with a view for optimization
  • Web site Optimization on Keywords/ Key Phrases specific to your business, product or service according to current search engine algorithms.
  • Link Exchange i.e. getting theme-based backward links from different websites
  • Submission on Free Global Search Engines / Directories (DMOZ, Google being the most important).