Static Web Solution

A Static website is the easiest way out to achieve online presence for your product or service. It is the simplest website to get online presence, but making modifications to these static websites would require certain programming knowledge. The Static Website designing is an art & skill. The static website should be compatible to a W3C Standards as well as it must make an appeal to the visitor to get converted into prospective customer. A perfect combination of these two features will only lead to your online. For this reason, static pages are easy to optimize for search engines.
indic can be suitable for the clients who just need web presence for their services / products but the clients whose business keeps on changing / fluctuating should go for the better option of dynamic website designing.
Static website is mainly suitable for the service industry, knowledge base site, personal profile presentation, product portfolio etc.
Some of benefits of Static Website Designing are:

  • Cost for a static website designing is low compared to dynamic.
  • Custom web design can be done instead of template based website.
  • Can be very informative, as content is higher.
  • Quicker & Easily noticed by the search engines.
  • Easy to optimize from SEO point.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Changes can be made by yourself but with certain basic knowledge is must.
  • Another benefit to simple site design is that simple site design will load faster too so your visitors will hit it back.
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