Frequently Asked Questions

Can I look out to your company for seo apart from website design and development?
Sure, we have people capable of preparing good contents that are Search Engine friendly and targeted to your business. With thorough Internet research, we can provide you contents that leverage you up among your competitor in search engines and help you get top rankings in major search engines.

Can I communicate with website development team during my project development phase?
Of course you can. Miles apart does not mean inadequate talking. Our web development team will thoroughly discuss about the progress made on each day and if any part is unsatisfying, you can discuss that at the same time, so that we can deliver it as you desire. We believe that communication is the only bridge that can connect us and help us offer quality service/product to you. Completing the project fast does not fascinate us but what drives us most is you must get the service worth your investment.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any web design or seo services related queries?
India is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT.
Time Difference between India and the United States [Eastern Time] – [India is 10.5 Hours ahead of EST].
Time Difference between India and Europe – [India is approx. 5.5 Hours ahead].
Time Difference between India and Middle East/East Africa – [India is approx. 2.5 Hours ahead].
Time Difference between India and Australia – [India is approx. 4 Hours behind].
Our Office opens up at 9AM in the morning and closes at 8PM in the evening, so you can contact us at anytime in between or you can contact project team leader who is available 24/7 and can give you qualified solution to your queries even in odd hours.

How much time do you take to design a website and how punctual you are about delivering the product?
We take about four to six months to develop a website and it depends primarily upon the nature of website, its functionality, features and pages. Once the discussion is over and finalized, we deliver the product strictly on time and never make you disappointed by post scheduling the release date.

Can you do redesigning of the website prepared by someone else?
Yes, we often do redesigning of the website irrespective of who prepared it. We have scalable software and can provide highly manageable, up to the mark website that matches with ongoing business demands. We take no cost for reviewing your website and provide you the estimation based on your requirement.

How much does it cost to build a web site?
Cost for each website depends upon the number of features you want to add in your website, number of pages, design effects and complexity. Though cost can never become a compromising issue against quality work, still we have managed to provide unmatched software solution, content management and SEO services in a very affordable range. You just contact us to experience what wonders we can make on your investment.

What other SEO services you provide?
We do keyword research and analysis, link building, pay-per-click solution, directory submission and website promotion.

How can I be assured that my site will rank high in search engine?
AS we have provided successful SEO SEM solution to our clients here in India as well as in abroad like USA, UK, Canada, Japan, we can guarantee you that our work will surely take you up in search engine and gain more profit in your business.

What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is like Internet real-estate. If you want to build a house, you need a place to build it and roads to get to it. Similarly, if you want to build a website, you need server space to store your files and bandwidth (speed) to access your site. There are many different web hosting companies out there with varying prices. Many of our clients choose a web hosting company depending on their needs and budget. We will help you work out the best option.

Is it necessary to make repeated submission of website in Google, if it does not appear in Search Engine Listing?
No, you only need to do it once. Search engine will regularly check the site for updates and based upon its contents, site will be ranked in search engine. If you are active in building links to your website, Googlebot will visit your website and automatically list your website in its index.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any web design or seo services related queries.